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Pralormo Castle – Tulip Collection

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Not far from Turin, there’s the beautiful Pralormo Castle. Since 2000, the park has been opened to the public (every year in April, for about a month), hosting “Messer Tulipano” event: 75.000 Dutch tulips and daffodils bloom and are part of themed exhibitions and shows.

Over 90.000 tulip bulbs are planted in the flowerbeds in autumn, distributed throughout the park and following the very harmonies of its historical layout.

The flowering of this species is added to that of the daffodils, boasting rare and unusual varieties, as well as selected specimens to tell the very history of the tulip.

Photo source: https://www.guidatorino.com/il-castello-di-pralormo-una-romantica-dimora-tra-giardini-all-inglese-e-distese-di-tulipani/

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Umberto I, 26 - 10040 Pralormo(TO)

011 884870


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