Quarantina Prugnona Potato

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This type of potato, also known as “Brügnœa” or “Brügnun-a” in the local dialect, is traditionally cultivated in the Ligurian backcountry, especially on the highest peaks between Val d’Aveto and Mount Marcarolo.
The name “Quarantina” comes from the quite short farming cycle, while “Prugnona” relates to its light purple skin colour, which may resemble a prune.

Compared to the “Quarantina Bianca Genovese” variety, this one is more resilient and capable of growing on many different types of soils – not to mention how versatile it can be when cooking.

This tuber has an irregular globular shape and is often used as a side dish served with stews. Its taste is undoubtedly enhanced if the skin is kept when cooking it.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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