Ravenna Cherry from Sabina

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This type of cherries has been present for more than a century in the Lazio Region. The towns involved in their productions are Montelibretti (RM), Montorio Romano (RM), Moricone (RM), Nerola (RM), and Palombara Sabina (RM). The latter is where this very type of cherries can be found, featuring a sweet taste and pink-wine like appearance. Each cherry is about 0.59 – 0.78 inches in diameter, with a usual round shape. Hand harvesting only takes place from the beginning of May through July. These cherries can then be used in many different traditional recipes, including jams, spirits, syrups and preserves.

Ravenna Late and Early Cherries come from these very 124-acre orchards as well. This fruit is then thoroughly processed, in order to reach markets in perfect conditions.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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