Recco Cheese Focaccia Bread

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Focaccia bread with Recco cheese is a tempting treat made in the Ligurian areas of Recco, Avegno, Camogli and Sori.
This product, very simple in origin, requires a double sheet of dough with a layer of cheese in the centre. The actual dough is made of durum wheat flour, water, and salt. The cheese must be the original Ligurian “crescenza”.
The real, PGI-Certified Focaccia di Recco has been produced since 2012 only with those ingredients, and in the abovementioned town. To achieve such important recognition, in 2005 a “Recco Cheese Focaccia Bread” Consortium was specifically created.
This tasty speciality has been actually enjoyed since the nineteenth century, while today it is offered in many variations, including filling it with pesto, ham, tomato and many other ingredients.

In ancient Roman times, something similar to this focaccia bread – called “scripilita” – was already quite popular.
In more recent times, it was the food of refugees who had just milk, flour and cheese available to feed themselves.
It can, therefore, be said that the Recco Cheese Focaccia Bread was born as humble nourishment for people. The “Focaccia Festival” has taken place in Liguria, in the month of May, since 1995.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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