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Renato Keber winery is in the heart of the Collio D.O.C. (controlled denomination of origin) area, namely in Cormons, in the province of Gorizia. That is one of the best areas for white wines in Italy. The company is one of the most intriguing wine producers in Friuli, specialized in white wines, of course.

The vineyards extend for about 32 acres on the hills of Zegla and Plessiva; the cultivated vineyards are dedicated to autochthonous and international varieties.

Zegla is a hill that descends gently towards the Slovenian border, blessed by a favourable microclimate and a most unique soil. That area has long been the home of the owner Renato and his family; his great-grandfather settled here in the 1900s when it was still under Austrian rule.

In fact, the Kebers used to produce fruit, grapes and hay for the very Habsburg army.
In that very place, vineyards are grown on terraces skillfully created by the peasants to make the most of both exposure and the peculiar microclimate.

The hill is exposed to the south-east and it is made of marls and sandstones from the Eocene period. Some 37 acres of land are cultivated with the Guyot vine training system. The production output is quite low, as grapes are painstakingly tended to and protected. They’re also hand-picked, while modern technologies are only used for their further transformation.

The soil particularly suitable for the production of “Tocai”; as a matter of fact, the best grapes for the award-winning Tocai Friulano come from these very ancient vineyards.
Renato Keber, an expert winemaker, has always taken very good care of all the agronomic aspects of his vineyard and of the very cellar-winemaking techniques.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località Zegla, 15 - Cormons(GO)

0481 639844

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