Renato Ronco Nursery

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This nursery is owned by Andrea Ronco, the son of Renato who mainly deals with the plant reproduction. Established in north-east Turin, this nursery is aimed at cultivating small plants for the wholesale market and other nurseries, mainly offering Japanese maples, with more than100 species and varieties. There’s also a remarkable choice of flowering dogwood () and rustic ferns.
Many cultivars are locally selected by Renato and Andrea, who also reproduce plants on demand, mostly using grafting techniques.

Last but not least, Renato Ronco nursery also offers several collections of undergrowth lilacs and lively plants with large leaves, such as Rodgersias, Rheums and Astiboides, constantly updated with new products on yearly basis.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Strada dei Biasoni, 39/12 (TO) - Torino(TO)

tel. +39 011 2730498, cel. +39 338 4389918

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