Rocche dei Manzoni Winery

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Rocche dei Manzoni winery features 124 acres of vineyards, planted with a density of 4500 vines per hectare; it was founded in 1974 in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba, in the province of Cuneo. It is conveniently located in the very heart of Langhe and Barolo wine production area.

The company’s history began with Valentino Migliorini, who, driven by his passion for Barolo, bought an ancient XVIII century farmhouse on the hills of Monforte, in Manzoni Soprani area.
The estate is surrounded by a 37-acre vineyard, “Rocche dei Manzoni”, locally known as “Vigna d’la roul” – meaning “oak vineyard” ( Quercus petraea Matt. Liebl .); this is one of the best crus for the production of Barolo.

The vineyard benefits from excellent exposure from south to south-east/south-west, and the clayey limestone soil that offers wine a great structure and exceptional longevity.

In addition to “Rocca dei Manzoni” vineyard, this company also owns some other properties: “Cappella Santo Stefano”, “Madonna Assunta La Villa”, “Ciabot d’Agust Ginestra”, and “Big’d Big” – all these properties are used for vine cultivation.

Santo Stefano vineyard spreads over 12 acres in Perno and is considered one of the most important historical crus of Barolo; it is exposed from south to south-east and south-west, while the ground is formed by layers of grey marlstone and reddish-yellow sand. It also includes the XII century Romanesque chapel dedicated to Saint Stephen.
Also “Madonna Assunta la Villa” vineyard has its own historical church: a magnificent building which dates back to the 1500s. The soil is rich in limestone clay and grey-blue marlstone.

This winemaking company, which represents a model of innovation, has always been driven by brave and most successful choices. In 1976, it launched the first blended wine of the Langa, and it was the first to use the barriques for the vinification process in 1978; in the same year, classic sparkling wine was introduced as well withing the range of high-quality products of Rocche dei Manzoni.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località  Manzoni Soprani, 3 - Monforte d'Alba(CN)

0173 78421

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