San Giuseppe Lake

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In the Alta Murgia park (which covers 17 acres in the centre of Puglia – a place where water is extremely scarce), there are several small ponds across the karstic landscape: 19 of them have already been officially acknowledged. They’re ponds formed by the rainfall collected in the typical karstic depressions, thus looking like real lakes.

One of those ponds is located in the area of Altamura and it’s easily reachable from the SP35 road. It has a roughly circular shape with a diameter of about 33 ft: it’s the small lake of San Giuseppe, little known by the tourists, but featuring a remarkable minor wetland which protects biodiversity.

In fact, the small lake of San Giuseppe – surrounded by dry and grassy soil, is a true oasis for the local invertebrates, aquatic plants and amphibians, including the Italian newt (Lissotriton italicus).

The small lake is surrounded by downy oaks and thick vegetation featuring hawthorn bushes which provide shelter and food to migratory birds.
It is a year-round pond that can survive the scorching-hot Apulian summers.

The last human interventions date back to many years ago when they were carried out for agricultural purposes and, above all, for pastoralism; in the recent decades, this lake has not undergone any further exploitations and that’s probably why it has managed to survive.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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