Santa Lucia Franciacorta Vineyard

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Santa Lucia farm is true “paradise on Earth”, where nature and architecture perfectly blend together, according to the classic tradition of the Franciscan territory.

The production site is located in the compound around Palazzo Longhi, built in XVII century on a structure dating back to three centuries earlier. The 74 acres of vineyards stretch between Erbusco, the heart of the wine-growing region, Rodengo Saiano, Capriolo, Passirano and Rovato. In that very area some “jewel vineyards” can be found – the few still framed within stone walls.
Pierluigi Villa, a wine professional, researcher and consultant, runs this company along with his wife Ardenia and his two sons Gregorio and Maurizio. Organic farming is the only technique they’ve always been using ever since the end of the 1990s when the farm was established. Its first certified harvesting took place in 2014.

Organic farming and management guarantee full respect for the environment and favour the natural synergies of Mother Nature, a slow natural pace and, of course, carefully planned choices and interventions. All this leads to the production of elegant, balanced wines, to be shared with friends, savouring their very natural legacy and heritage.

Each label stands out for its style and elegance, offering a different emotion to occasional consumers and experts alike.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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