Sari Nursery Farm

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This nursery-farm is located in the district of Grotta Comune (Trecastagni, Province of Catania), inside the Etna Park, at 2.132-2.296 ft above sea level. It is specialized in the cultivation and production of aromatic plants and spices, processed and wrapped by hand in a small workshop. The owner is the very young Roberto Carbone, who’s got a degree in Food Science and Technology.

The name of the company comes from the ancient term “sari” (from Latin xaras), which means “lava stone”. The surrounding landscape is protected by the natural slopes of Mount Ilice and Mount Gorna.

Roberto offers rosemary, oregano, chilli pepper, lavender, helichrysum and saffron, as well as many other aromatic and medicinal plants, which he also uses to offer special jams and preserves, such as the one based on “Cola apples”, a local variety combined with rosemary, and that with pears and lavender flowers.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Antonio di Sangiuliano 17/G - 95039 Trecastagni (CT)(CT)

+39 366 3358041

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