Scarascia Nursery /Scarascia Cacti

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This nursery was born from strong interest and sincere curiosity, which later turned into a real passion for the world of cacti and succulent plants.

Located among the large olive trees of lower Salento, in the very heart of unspoiled nature, this is is a medium-sized family-run nursery.
It enjoys a favourable geographical position which allows long vegetative periods, from March to the end of September, thus facilitating open-air cultivations. Their overall goal is to obtain strong and well-adapted specimens, ready to be planted.

In the nursery, the plants are reproduced by sowing but it is also possible to find adult, rare, monstrous, and crested specimens. The propagation of crested and monstrous plants by grafting is one of the specialities of this nursery, which now features about 200 of those specimens.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Prov.le Tricase-Montesano - 73039 Tricase(LE)

333 2238288

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aperto tutti i giorni dalle ore 9.00 alle ore 13.00 e dalle 15.00 alle 20.00

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