Sentiero dei limoni

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Not so far away from Naples, on the Amalfi Coast, there is a walk considered one of the most picturesque of  Italy: it is the so called Sentiero dei Limoni. This is said by all the people who stay here for the holidays in order to discover new itineraries.

Each route allows to discover beautiful landscapes and each road leads to beautiful beaches of the coast.

It is an itinerary which connects Maiori to Minori and which – for about 10 kilometres – crosses gardens and cultivation of lemon trees. To see it completely five hours are needed, but it is possible also to make shorter traits: crossing the municipalities of Maiori, Torre, Ravello and Minori, the landscape is marvellous. There are not so steep rises and some easy staircases with a disparity of 410 metres: it is possible to visit it all the year long in both ways and resting at lunch in one of the typical taverns present along the routes.

Along all the route it is possible to admire incredible landscapes of the Amalfi coast, beautiful in every season, especially the stop at Ravello. Thanks to the climate conditions the route is always open.

Starting from Maiori, the access point of the route opens on a dense vegetation of vines and olive trees, in the vicinities of the collegiate church Santa Maria a Mare, with its characteristic majolica dome.

Borgo di Torre is located in one of the most enchanting points of the coast, exposed to the sun and with a wonderful landscape on a promontory which divides the cities of Maiori and Minori. The most beautiful sight is the one from belvedere della “mortella”, the colloquial name of myrtle (Myrtus communis), which is highly spread in the area, form where it is possible to see Ravello and, farther away, Amalfi and Atrani.

Here it is possible to find the best lemons: between June and August it is also possible to observe the phases of their production and it is not unusual to see men carrying on their backs or on donkeys lemon boxes, the so called “sporte” which can weight also 60 kg.

Not so far away there is a crossing which obliges to make a choice : on the left Minori, the so called Città del Gusto of the Amalfi coast, where home made pasta was created, in the right it is possible to reach the bell tower dell’Annunziata of the 12th century from where it is possible to carry on on other roads and enjoy other beautiful landscapes.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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