Sergio Mottura Estate

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This Estate, owned by the Mottura family since 1933, was created to protect its rich natural heritage and stretches over a 321-acre lush vineyard among the hills and clay gullies of Civitella d’Agliano (province of Viterbo), and the Umbrian plain by the Tiber River, not far from Orvieto.

This area, untouched by urban and industrial settlements, still offers pristine landscapes, with woods, lakes, and streams, despite being so close to large cities such as Rome and Florence.
The wine vocation of these hills has been clear since 1292 when the estate register of Orvieto officially listed it for the production of local wine.

The process of transformation and modernization of the company began in the 1960s; sharecropping was replaced by direct management, trying to plant the right variety in the right soil, in order to obtain the best quality grape.

For instance, the oldest parts were still featuring the Etruscan system of vines forced to grow on tall trees, but after the renovation, the old plants were gradually replaced, using modern structures and criteria.
Autochthonous ones were preferred, such as Procanico and Verdello, which have always been present in the area – needless to say, the ones with the most suitable characteristics were chosen. That lead to highly selected varieties, capable of successfully adapting to the local environment, and thus improving their resistance to local pathogens.
Lesser and lesser agrochemical interference was therefore required.

The vineyards are grown according to the regulations of the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture, in full compliance with the official European governance.

The porcupine was thus chosen as the corporate symbol, because this very animal – shy and never too greedy, lives only in places like this, where the natural balance is thoroughly preserved.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Località Poggio della Costa, 1 - Civitella d'Agliano(VT)

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