Solfagnano Castle

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Solfagnano castle stands near Perugia, on what used to be a strategic rocky spur medieval times. It was originally built as a small stronghold as early as 1100 and became the residence of the Baglioni family in 1486. Today, only the large perimeter towers and the external walls can still be seen. A long avenue decorated with maritime pines ( Pinus pinea ) leads to the castle.

In 1200, the castle lost its military importance and was later purchased by the Marquises Antinori at the beginning of the sixteenth century: the new owners turned the old stronghold into a villa.

Other important changes were made in the second half of the XVIII century: for instance, baroque battlements and sentry boxes were added to the ramparts, while the large panoramic courtyard, the double flight staircase and the large hanging garden, enclosed by walls, were built within the premises.

From the courtyard, a ground floor gallery leads to the holm oak garden located on the opposite side and built as a large hemicycle, with two ringed avenues.

At the end of the XIX century, the property was purchased by the Bennicelli family, who made some further changes, including the creation of a beautiful Italian garden, inside the bastions, in a slightly oblique position to the house – the garden was decorated with flower beds bordered by boxwood hedges with curvilinear corners and boxwood round bushes in the centre.

The villa and the garden are available for weddings and private functions.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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