Sorgenti del fiume Sele e Museo dell’acqua

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The springs of river Sele are at 420 m of altitude, in the municipality of Caposele, and pour from a huge calcareous rock wall on the oriental slope of Paflagone Mountain, which is part of the Appennine mountain block included in the triangle Avellino-Campagna-Salerno. The springs presented themselves till 1911, the year in which measurement and connection works took place, as a series of pouring points which formed boiling rapids and picturesque waterfalls. River Sele waters were used initially by mills, factories and fulling mills which vitalized the local economy, while they power the Acquedotto Pugliese, the longest in all Europe with a payload of 4,000 litres per second, nowadays. In the vicinities of Sele’s springs, inside the rooms of “Casa Houston”, has been recently established the Water Museum which collects a series of images related to the construction of the Pavoncelli gallery and of the entire Acquedotto Pugliese. It aims to highlight the importance of water as a resource and the structure hosts also the CE.AG.G. (Centro di Aggregazione Giovanile), the council library, the Ethnographic Museum with the exposition of local culture evidences and the Porta dell’Anima from Monti Picentini Regional Park, which represents one of the four access points of the park.

To see:
Museum of the Interactive Machines Leonardo Da Vinci, in Maiori (SA).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Cantiere Eaap - Caposele(AV)

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