Spiaggia dei Maronti

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Maronti Beach is the only one in the municipality of Barano, Ischia, but also the widest of the island. It is about 3 km long, its name derives from a Greek word which became then “quatior” in Latin, which means “quiet beach”. It is surrounded by majestic hills declining towards the sea which hide the entrance to the “cave”, where it is possible to find powerful springs of thermal waters like in the one of “Cava Scura” and of “Olmitello”; this one represents the natural lengthening of the healing spring of Nitrodi, whose spring is in the Buonopane locality, in a small basin opened on the slopes of the Epomeo mountain. The last part of Maronti beach is Fumarole, which have thermal waters at extremely high temperatures also on the seashore, where it is possible to bath also during Winter; this is caused by the volcanic activity of the island, which releases great quantities of thermal energy from the underground, producing steam clouds in the external environment and gas bubbles (100 C°) in the sea. They are observable through a diving mask in the area near the sea shore or by walking at a safe distance in the area of the white cliffs positioned on the boiling sand. The Maronti beach area, between the promontories and the sea, was a present from the Aragonese dynasty mindful of the services and fidelity of the population towards Ferdinand, who wanted that the islanders became the owners of the promontories, beaches and sea for half a mile around the coast. The beach is reachable through a panoramic road which descends at Serrara Fontana, or on foot or taxi-boat from the marina of Sant’Angelo.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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