State Forest of Montarbu

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The state-owned forest of Montarbu covers an area of 6.832 acres and is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved forests in Sardinia.
It extends east of Seui, on the southern slopes of the Montarbu and Tonneri mountains.
The course of the Flumendosa River divides it from the great massif of Gennargentu.
The central part of the forest consists of a limestone plateau at about 3.280 ft above sea level.

It is basically a vast area with calcareous rock outcrops with vertical walls overlooking the valleys furrowed by the tributary streams of the Flumendosa River; it also includes an area rich with water coming from several springs and beautiful cascades, such as the waterfall of Middai.
In 1980, the entire forest became a wildlife protection oasis.

The vegetation varies according to the different terrains, altitudes and exposures. On the cooler slopes, it is possible to find black hornbeams among the holm oaks, and in some limited areas, there are hollies, yews, and hornbeams.
Near the peaks, garrigue thrives associated with holm oaks, conifers and evergreen shrubs such as everlasting flowers (helichrysum), thyme and juniper. Further down, there are strawberry trees, heather, juniper, mastic trees and terebinth in a typical strip of Mediterranean vegetation. In addition to botanical endemism, this forest houses many rare fauna species as well.

A visit to the Montarbu forest is strongly recommended to anybody who’d like to discover the true and authentic beauties of the innermost areas of Ogliastra and the whole island.

The facilities inside the forest:

A Flora and fauna museum with an exhibition of naturalistic and historical/archaeological finds.
This museum also features an educational exhibition focused on naturalistic themes and the different environments of the forest. A wealth of pictures, dioramas and information material let visitors find out much more about the local flora and fauna.

Beds available in the Bungalows: 30
Organized luncheons
Guided tours
Indoor restaurant (under construction)
Camping areas (under construction)

The forest can be reached by railway, with the “green train” connecting Mandas to Arbatax. Visitors can also travel by car: take the road to Ussassai (SS 198) from Seui, then follow the road to the lake of the upper Flumendosa, past the Arcuerì roadhouse. After 4 miles, turn right onto the access road to Montarbu State Forest.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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