Stefano Magi’s Le Rose di Firenze Nursery

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This nursery is specialized in the online sale (but also by appointment) of scented garden roses, ancient and modern. In particular, it offers the most beautiful varieties of “David Austin”, “Kordes”, “Meilland”, “Nirp”, “Pemperton”, “Pulsen”, “Tauntau”, and “Tom Carruth”.

It is also currently introducing other shrubs and creepers, including collections of hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp. ), Abelia spp., Spiraea spp. , Clematis spp. , aromatic and herbaceous perennials, as well as a wide range of garden furnishings, tools and assorted items.

The official website and the dedicated blog are also very interesting, packed with precious information and advice, including the best combinations, historical news, and stories.

On the website, the roses are listed and described both by type (ancient shrubs, modern shrubs, vines, etc.) and by colour to help customers making the right choice.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Prata snc., Via del Poggio - 50018 Scandicci(FI)


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Tutto l'anno, salvo nei giorni delle fetività e durante il mese di agosto

Previo appuntamento telefonico, il vivaio è aperto dalle 9 alle 12 e ore 14 alle 18

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