Tassita Wood

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“Bosco della Tassita” is in the heart of Nebrodi Park, in the municipality of Caronia, at an altitude of 4.757 ft meters above sea level, with an extension of about 125 acres. It includes some of the monumental trees of Sicily such as yews, mountain maples and beeches.
It is a place where pristine nature can be still observed and enjoyed, and where mosses intertwine with the branches of trees as if to retain the light.

Bosco della Tassita is the largest forest in southern Europe, massively populated by wondrous specimens of Taxus baccata (Taxaceae family), dating back to the Tertiary Period (from approximately 66 million to 2.6 million years ago), when the climate in this area was more temperate and humid.
There are also are 7 of the 200 monumental trees of the Ebrodi Mountains: 3 yews some 500-700 years old, up to 85.3-ft high and with a circumference of 26.2 ft, a 400-year-old beech, and a maple three some three-centuries-old growing in the midst of beeches, maples, Turkey oaks, mountain elms, and a few dozens of Fraxinus excelsior subsp. Siciliensis (endemic species).

In this wood, fifteen years ago, a new wild pear tree – the Pyrus vallis-demonis, was described and classified for the first time by Raimondo & Schicchi.

Every type of visitor (trips across the park follow very easy paths and routes) can enjoy a naturalistic and sensory experience, surrounded by tall and majestic trees, green moss covering the trunks and quartz-arenite rocks; the rustle of the leaves mixed with the cries of several birds, woodpeckers, blackbirds, jays and thrushes completes a true fairytale-like atmosphere.

During the year, guided tours led by experts are regularly organized along the special itinerary across this area of high naturalistic value, discovering its uniqueness botanical, geomorphological, and historical-cultural uniqueness.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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