The Acer in Alpenzù

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Acer pseudoplatanus (Aceraceae)

This impressive maple tree grows in the village of Alpenzù Grande (AO), at 5.840 ft above sea level.
It is about 300 years old and about 82-ft tall, with a bichormic trunk and two stems rising upwards and forming a single large crown.

The monumental maple is surrounded by a most peaceful and beautiful landscape overlooked by the majestic Mount Rosa glacier.


Travelling across Gressoney Valley, park your car in a lot near Chemonal di Gressoney Saint Jean: then take a path which will take you to that great maple in about 1-hour walk.


This species is widespread mainly in central Europe, and in Italy, it grows throughout the peninsula but in Sardinia. In many regions, this species grows isolated, in small groups or mesophilic mixed woods, along with other broad-leaved trees. At lower altitudes, it tends to grow with deciduous oaks, English oaks, Turkey oaks, hornbeams, chestnuts, and greater ashes; On the hills and in the mountains, it is often mixed with ashes, beeches, silver firs and spruce.
It’s a sciaphilous tree, that prefers fresh and deep soils, while it appears quite sensitive to water stagnation and dryness.

Its wood is always in great demand for the production of furniture, flooring and fine cabinets.
In Slovenia, its priceless marbled texture makes it the perfect kind of wood for musical instruments manufacture.

This species has a high suckling capacity, when coppiced and can thus colonize new environments in a very short time.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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