The Karstic Sinkhole of Gravina – Alta Murgia Park

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The Karstic sinkhole of Gravina (locally called “Pulicchio”) can be found in the Alta Murgia Park. It’s basically a is a huge natural cavity which features some luxuriant vegetation on the bottom – mainly pine trees planted in the 1950s.

It looks ovoid-shaped and probably originated from the collapse of a system of caves dug by water into the limestone rock. This sinkhole is about 287-ft deep, thus beating the more famous “Pulo” of Altamura, which reaches its bottom at 246 ft.

The view from above is quite remarkable: bare white stone walls embrace the intense green of the monumental trees below.

Only expert climbers can challenge the “Pulicchio”; nonetheless, there is a lovely driveway for casual visitors around the entire sinkhole. Lulled by chirping crickets and birds, they may come across many colourful flowers, such as Alkanna tinctoria with an intense blue and violet wild thistle.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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