The two Yews near “Maso Ranigles”

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Taxus baccata (Taxaceae)

Next to the old “Ranigler” farm built in the 12th century, there is a pair of yews whose trunks are hollow inside but despite this, they have continued to grow and live for about a century.

One of the badgers is a male specimen that produces yellow pine cones, while the other is a female that is tinged with salmon-colored flowers in spring and then produces the characteristic fleshy red aril.

How to get there:

The “Ranigler” farm is reached by taking the provincial road that leads to Colle di Bolzano. From here, after about 4 km, you will reach the Rollhof sign, and then, keeping left at a crossroads, you will arrive at the farm and the centuries-old pair of badgers.

Botanical Card:

This species is usually found as a polycormic evergreen shrub. It is most abundant in Europe and Asia, but it also grows in some parts of North Africa.

Yews grow along the temperate mountain belt where winters are snowy, but not too cold, while summers are usually warm. It’s a sciophilous species that thrives in shade, prefers calcareous soils, and never grows alone in a forest, as it’s usually found among beeches, maples, and conifers at heights between 984ft and 5.250 ft.

This species is toxic, as seeds and leaves contain taxine, an extremely poisonous alkaloid.
Only fruits and fleshy arils are edible and highly appreciated by birds.
Due to its toxicity and difficulty of dosage, any potential pharmaceutical use would not be feasible.

The yew has very slow growth and for this reason, it often grows with the shape of a shrub; in optimal conditions, however, it can reach 49-65 ft in height. In some Italian regions, it is considered a protected species. It is widely used in gardens as an ornamental hedge or as an isolated plant. It tolerates pruning very well and in the Roman Age, it was already pruned according to “ars topiaria” (“topiary”) criteria.

The wood is used for cabinetry, thanks to its acclaimed features: elasticity, toughness, heaviness, and hardness.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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