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Torricchio Oasis

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Torricchio Oasis is part of the Torricchio Mountain Reserve, amongs the peaks of the Ferma, Cetrognola, and Torricchio mountains.

The vegetation is rich in downy oaks (Quercus pubescens), ash trees (Fraxinus ornus), beeches (Fagus sylvatica), and holm oaks (Quercus ilex). The numerous habitats also offer niches suitable for hosting a rich flora, which includes Viola eugenia, Gentianella columnae, Campanula tanfanii, Campanula apennina, and Trisetum villosum.

Animals species include the grey partridge, the rock partridge, the badger, the wild cat and the common squirrel; wolves, on the other hand, have been occasionally spotted.
Nesting bird species include the honey buzzard, the sparrowhawk, and the buzzard.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Riserva Montagna di Torricchio, Monte Cavallo, Macerata - Monte Cavallo(MC)

0737 404505


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