Trebbio Castle

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Trebbio Castle was one of the first residences that the Medici family built outside Florence. The estate was in a strategic position: from the top of a hill, it overlooked Val di Sieve and an important crossroad (Trebbio, in fact, means the “point from which three roads branch off”).
Around the middle of the XV century, the villa was restored by the Renaissance architect Michelozzo who preserved the original layout of the former medieval stronghold, rather than transforming it into a pleasant and elegant place according to the humanistic-Renaissance spirit.

Among the illustrious personalities who stayed at Trebbio Castle, history remembers the famous navigator Amerigo Vespucci (during the plague of 1476 in Florence), and the soldier of fortune Giovanni dalle Bande Nere.

Since 1968, the Castle has been home to the Trebbio farm owned by the Baj Macario family. This facility offers, in addition to products such as wine, extra virgin olive oil and saffron, several tourist activities such as farm-stays, wine and oil tasting experiences, as well as wedding ceremonies and private functions.


The external appearance is that of a fortified mansion, modelled on simple volumes while retaining the appearance of a fortress. The architect Michelozzo either kept or rebuilt the watchtower, thoroughly respecting the original solid structure with no windows, while adding the battled walkway, but keeping other typical “castle” elements like the moat and the drawbridge. Despite its fortified appearance, it actually had a mainly agricultural function, being at the centre of a vast farming area. The Medici family used this building as a residence for their impressive hunting feats.


The castle is enriched by a peculiar example of hortus conclusus, built on two terraces on the right of the villa, and featuring a beautiful pergola that rests on 46 exposed brick pillars.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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