Tropical Utopia Association and Tropical Greenhouse of the Municipality of Comerio

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The Utopia Tropical cultural association was born with the aim of experimenting and acclimatizing exotic ornamental and food varieties, in order to raise awareness and promote unusual gardening techniques. Ideally, this would also lead to rediscovering the experimental vocation of many Italian historic gardens.

The Association regularly organizes meetings and conventions throughout the year.
This Association has also taken over the management of the greenhouse of the Municipality of Comerio, with the aim of restoring and enhancing it. That very structure was built in the first half of the XIX century by the Tatti Tallachini family, as an important annex to the noble greenhouse already present in the very same compound.

That new addition now looks like a cold propagation greenhouse, with constant humidity, guaranteed by a central Victorian-style tank. Several varieties of ferns have been replanted in the limestone vases, both native and tropical. In total, the greenhouse has about 150 rare, unusual and tropical botanical species, very uncommon on Italian soil

The greenhouse can be visited by appointment only.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Stazione 8 - Comerio (VA)(VA)

+39 340 7751511‬

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