Tuscia University Botanical Garden – collection of cacti and succulent plants

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Among a collection of some 20,000 plants, there are 2000 succulent species; they are grown inside heated greenhouses or in dioramas, in order to enhance the particularities of each specimen.

In the desert there are two protected species: Corynopuntia bulbispina, and Ferocactus herrerae;
Near rocky ridges, we can find spontaneous Queen victoria agave (Agave victoriae-reginae), along with rare and endangered species, like Pelecyphora aselliformis.

In the Astolfi greenhouse, there are numerous species of Aloe, Euphorbia, Haworthia, Gasteria, Crassula, and Kalanchoe, as well as huge Aloe dichotoma plants.

Photo source, https://www.informazione.it/c/47A9F7EF-FB5D-461B-BE56-CC2E8F190868/I-Patriarchi-del-deserto-una-serra-contro-il-freddo-all-Orto-Botanico-di-Viterbo

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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