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Umani Ronchi Winery

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Umani Ronchi di Osimo Winery was founded by Gino Umani Ronchi in the 1950s in Cupramontana, in the province of Ancona and in the very heart of Verdicchio Classico production area.

The company became famous a few years after its creation, thanks to the engineer Roberto Bianchi who took over the entire property in 1970 and entrusted it to his son-in-law, Massimo Bernetti; the latter moved the headquarters in Osimo and ended up taking over the entire winemaking facility.

Today, the company uses 495 acres of vineyards organized into 10 different plots with unique features. Over time, it has managed to focus exclusively on quality production, despite its potentially impressive yield.

The unique qualities of the wines produced here come the wonderful landscape settings: in these places, vines have thrived for millennia favoured by the mild climate, the winter sea breezes and the long sunny days and cool nights in the summer.

To further enhance the cultivation of each grape variety, the selected vineyards were planted in the most suitable spot – after all, space has never been a problem in the Umani Ronchi estate.
The loose and calcareous soils have proved to be the best ones for red grape varieties, while in clayey and medium-textured ones have always been used for white wines.

The company has always paid particular attention to the terroirs and the native vines of Marche and Abruzzo Regions; the Bernettis have been working with experimental vines for a long time, thus acquiring some priceless expertise when it comes to selecting the right grapes and the most suitable farming techniques. All the experiments, in particular, have been carried out around Villa Bianchi, at the company headquarter in Moie di Maiolati, thanks to a profitable partnership with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology of the University of Ancona.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Adriatica, 12 - Osimo(AN)

071 7108019


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