Val dei Fiori Nursery

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Val dei Fiori nursery is in Mantua. Opened by the two sisters Valentina and Cristina Giardini, it is specialized in the production of fresh and dried cut flowers: in particular, this nursery offers flower species and varieties not particularly abundant on the market, as well as ancient types of fruit and wild herbs traditionally cultivated by farmers and peasants.

Valentina, a landscape agronomist and a mother of four children, combines her passion for ornamental and wild plants with field experimentation in traditional flower crops.
She uses the locally-grown materials to create new and astounding compositions, which are also part of her workshops offered for educational and recreational purposes.

Cristina, a professional classic musician, deals with the local institutions and the customers; she’s also the marketing expert and takes part in the creation of floral arrangements for ceremonies and various events.

Both sisters also offer decorations for parties, ceremonies, private functions, and shop windows.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Pedagna 60 - 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO)(BO)

+39 324 7976876

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