Valentino Nursery

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This nursery produces succulent, Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants, palms, Liliaceae, Agavaceae , and Cactaceae

Favoured by the sub-tropical climate of the farthest corner of south-eastern Sicily, in the province of Ragusa (behind the splendid bay of Sampierri and overlooking the sea towards Malta), this nursery successfully grows ornamental, exotic and tropical plants, Liliaceae, Agavaceae , and Cactaceae, painstakingly cultivated by Giovanni and Marina.

The 11.000 square meters used by this park-nursery also feature the charming “Dimore del Valentino” farmhouse, with a swimming pool.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Strada Provinciale 66 - 97018 Scicli(RG)

0932 939751

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