Valtrigona WWF Oasis

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Valtrigona Oasis is in Malga Valtrigona, a small valley in the Municipality of Telve, in the province of Trento.

This 583-acre area stretches between 5.250 and 7.218 ft of altitude, at the foot of the Lagorai Mountain Range, included in the ZPS IT3120160 Special Protection Area – it is one of the very few WWF oasis in the alpine region.

Along the nature trail that runs across the oasis (which was opened to the public in 1997), visitors can admire woods of Larix decidua (larches) and Pinus cembra (Swiss pines), as well a large number of typical alpine plant species. Among the rare fauna species, there are common frogs, capercaillies, ptarmigans, golden eagles, great spotted woodpeckers, chamois, foxes, and ermines.

Human intervention is barely noticeable throughout the entire oasis – in fact, there are just some pastures where the woods once stood.

The Oasis Visitor Centre and the logistic structures for the staff are located at the entrance, at some 5.250 ft of altitude. At Malga Agnelezza (6.082 ft above sea level), there is a small bivouac dedicated to Roberto Spagolla, which offers shelter for the visitors and is used to support the summer pasture.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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