Villa Barberini

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The Barberini garden of Castel Gandolfo (in the province of Rome) is part of the huge estate belonging to the Holy See, also known as the “Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo”. Used by the popes for their summer holiday, the estate includes also Giardino del Moro and Cybo villas.


Villa Barberini was built over a pre-existing one by Emperor Domitian. Owned by the Apostolic Chamber, Castel Gandolfo was purchased the Savelli Family in 1596, the last feudal lords of the lands that in the Middle Ages belonged to the Gandolfis and, later, to the Capizucchis.

In 1604, it became part of the temporal domains of the Papal States, by decree of Pope Clement VIII.

The villa was conceived by Pope Urban VIII (born Maffeo Barberini) and designed by architect Carlo Maderno, who merged the Gandolfi castle into the new building. The villa terraced garden was also built. In 1667, the latter was described with “spacious avenues and beautiful, high espaliers, favored by the Pope for physical activities.
It has a long open loggia with balustrades of peperino tuff, from where the vast countryside and a long stretch of the nearby marina can be fully enjoyed”.

In 1870, following the capture of Rome by the Kingdom of Italy, the residence and garden experienced a long period of neglect. In 1929, following the Lateran Pacts, Castel Gandolfo became the summer residence of the popes. The renovation of the gardens – as they appear today – dates back to that period.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Piazza della Libertà - Castel Gandolfo(RM)

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"Giardino Barberini" tariffe: 450,00 euro tariffa fissa (per gruppi fino a 15 persone); 650,00 euro tariffa fissa (per gruppi fino a 25 persone). "Sabato in Villa": 26,00 euro tariffa fissa (per singoli in gruppi fino a 25 persone, esclusivamente di sabato alle ore 10.30, in lingua italiana).

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