Villa Bria

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It’s pure amazement at first sight when visitors arrive at Villa Bria.
The main entrance leads to the Halls of the Foundations and the two mirroring stairways, which dramatically contribute to the already elegant and harmonious sight.
At the top of them, there’s the main residence, consisting of three floors above ground.

To complete its beauty, Villa Bria benefits from the chapel consecrated to Saint Carlo Borromeo and the two side galleries which run parallel to an intimate and highly-refined courtyard.

Villa Bria stands on a gentle plateau, with a spectacular view of the surrounding valley, including hills and mountains in the background – a postcard-like sight for sure.
Built in a strategic position, about 11 miles from Turin city centre, the villa is completely plunged into untainted and luxuriant nature.

The gardens are embellished by several parterres bordered by boxwood and a skilful arrangement of flower beds; there are also some beautiful stone statues of the four seasons.
On its northern side, the garden features a fishpond: a spectacular pool which can also be enjoyed from the back of the Villa.
The west green area, similar to those on the east side, leads to the XVIII century gallery and the chapel of Saint Carlo Borromeo.
The lower south section (with many ancient trees), which connects the main entrance to the Halls of the Foundations and the Galleries, was designed as a virtual telescope pointed at the valley.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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