Villa Cavazza

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Villa Cavazza is a country residence,  15 kilometres away from Modena, where once was the property of the Benedictine Abbey of Nonantola.
The architectural implant of the building dates back to the Carolingian times and it includes a system of fortified constructions, at the centre of agricultural areas, the so called curtes, but the Cavazza family started the works to refurbish three different buildings: a central villa and two lateral constructions, with Torre della Meridiana and Torre dell’Orologio, which form with wings and porticos  a close courtyard in front of the villa.

Villa Cavazza is characterised by a symmetry, which is reflected in the surrounding green areas, with wide meadows and tree rows.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Gorghetto 92/100, Solara di Bomporto - 41030 Bomporto(MO)

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