Villa Cornaro Revedin Bolasco Park

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Excerpt from “Gardens of Veneto Villas”, by Camilla Zanarotti, Silvana editoriale.

The property, known as Il Paradiso, belonged firstly to the Venetian Morosini family, then to the Corner family. In 1607, the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi was commissioned to redesign the complex. The garden was enclosed by a wall and decorated with fine statues by Orazio Marinali. In the early nineteenth century, following the demise of the Cornaro family, the complex fell into ruin; the palaces were torn down and the gardens were reduced to farmland.

By the mid-XIX century, the property had been purchased by the Reverdin family and was brought back to life and completely altered thanks to a design by the Venetian architect Giovan Battista Meduna, which gave the gardens a new landscaped style.

Francesco Bagnara and the French landscape designer Marc Guignon were also involved; Guignon designed the vast cavallerizza amphitheatre, where he repositioned fifty-two statues that had decorated the eighteenth-century formal garden. In 1868, some advice was sought from Antonio Caregaro Negrin, who, by taking advantage of the earlier fish ponds, obtained a beautiful lake, with small islands.

The park is currently undergoing a thorough and passionate restoration by the public administration.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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