Villa de Giorgi

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Villa De Giorgi, an elegant building dating back to 1700, recently restored and used as a B&B, can be found in Monteroni di Lecce, surrounded by a luxuriant garden with Baroque monuments, statues and an open-air theatre.

A large iron gate gives access to this property: after a large basin, overlooked by the statue of King David, visitors can enter a large park, walking along a gravel-covered avenue, among tall shrubs and centuries-old trees. Soon, they would come across the Fountain of the Frog, a sculpture of Moses, as well as an ancient well with columns with Corinthian capitals engraved with their construction date: 1723. There is also a Latin inscription which the passage of time has significantly eroded, some coats of arms, fragments of ancient statues, huge capitals, and a small and wonderful stone theatre made by Gioacchino de Giorgi.

At the centre of the park, there’s the villa, decorated with a magnificent white marble staircase and a wrought-iron balustrade, typical of the XVIII century Baroque and Rococo styles: the staircase leads straight to the upper floor of this noble abode.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via San Fili 110 - 73047 Monteroni di Lecce(LE)

0832 327065

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