Villa Erba

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The property where Villa Erba now stands used to be an ancient convent, transformed by the Peluso family in 1816, and then passed to Luigi Erba (the brother and heir of Carlo Erba, one of the major pharmaceutical entrepreneurs of the XIX century).
In the second half of that century, Luigi modified the original layout by building a sumptuous residence. The villa was to be a testament to the wealth and importance of the family.
The whole project was entrusted to Angelo Savoldi (1845-1916) and Giambattista Borsani (1850-1906).
The complex is therefore a large neo-renaissance and mannerist feat, consisting of the main house, external buildings, a greenhouse, a dock, and the stables, overlooking the lake and surrounded by a fair-sized English garden.

In the XX century, the villa was inherited by Luigi’s daughter, Carla Erba, who married Duke Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone. It was the home of his son – the well-known film director Luchino Visconti – in the summer months; he also shot some scenes of his films right here.

There are several precious paintings inserted in the decorations of walls and ceilings, some of them attributed to Johann Christoph Storer.


The park is several centuries old and offers some interesting botanical paths among tall trees (mostly large London planes), collections of flowering shrubs, and elegant multicolored flower beds. The latter are vital details of the breath-taking view onto Lake Como for this very shore.

Today, the villa belongs to a public consortium which has built a congress/event facility and hosts international exhibitions every spring – mostly about vintage cars from around the world, and innovative automotive technologies.
The villa is also home to the flower market exhibition and the “Orticolario” event in early October.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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