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Villa Gagliardi is located in Vibo Valentia, Calabria, and presents one of the most romantic and complex gardens of the region. The project of expansion of the villa’s external area started in 1873 with the enlargement of the already existing formal garden and the creation of another part in English style. The horticulturist and landscaper  Barriot monitored the works and the planting as it is stated by the documents of that period, 161 Abies spp., 151 Eucalyptus spp., 14 Thuja, 50 Cupressus e poi 43 Acacia spp., 76 Ligustrum, 17 Myrtus, 6 Laurus cerasus, e ancora 104 piante grasse, gerani, etc.
The end of the construction of the park, which reached the extension of 3 hectares, has to be attributed to the than owner Caterina Gagliardi. The vegetation, which is composed of  Thuja, Magnolia spp., Fagus spp., Laurus nobilise Myrtus spp., accompanies the visitors through routes with channels, waterfalls and fountains. The architectural elements forming the informal garden are of various types. There are stairs, caves, bridges, ruins, little temples, isolated columns, statues and pavilions. There is also a panoramic view point.

Sore points: the garden is now neglected and abandoned. The last owners have left in their will the park to Opera Zanotti-Bianco, in order to create an agricultural college, but this has not yet been accomplished.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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