Villa Kechler de Asarta – Fraforeano Park

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The compound of Villa de Asarta Kechler defines the very urban layout of Fraforeano.
Its origins date back to 1275 with later changes of ownership. In 1838, the villa was purchased by the Gaspari family, who had the park built.

The latter has an area of about 7.5 acres, and it stretches over a wide alluvial plain of the Tagliamento River (south-east of the villa) and along a bank.

The park design is attributed to architect Jappelli, who worked on it in the mid-nineteenth century. The layout is romantic, English-styled, and embellished by a network of bending walkways around the main avenues.


Taxodium disthicum, earthy embankments, groves of Carpinus betulus, Taxus baccata, and Thuja spp., can be found around the lake inside the park. An ingenious series of full and empty spaces highlights the most important plants and the very lake landscape.

There are many centuries-old trees, like Populus angulata, Cedrus libani, Sequoia spp., and a bamboo grove.

The “Ville Venete Regional Authority” has also acknowledged the presence of two monumental trees, a horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), and a white poplar (Populus alba).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Corso San Valentino 9, Fraforeano di Ronchis - 33050 Udine(UD)

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