Villa Luzi Votalarca

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Villa Votalarca is located in the valley of the Potenza River, on a hill of Chiaravalle di Treja.
It was built in 1737, renovated in the early XIX century and enlarged in 1920. It is a real fortified residence, made of sturdy masonry, with internal terracotta floors and stone stairs.
A park develops all around the villa, divided into several gardens created over time, including the English garden, built between 1826 and 1851 by Nicola Luzi, the Marquis of Votalarca.


Next to a beautiful Italian garden and avenues lined with plane trees (Platanus orientalis), elms and firs (Abies spp. ), there’s the XIX century English park, where oaks, palm trees, cedars, pines and lime trees grow. Distributed throughout the park, pavilions, memorials, busts, statues, ancient or antique reliefs follow one another, highlighting the strong eclectic taste of the time, supported by the mixture of classical and Gothic elements.

In a grove, a temple dedicated to Neptune overlooks a water basin formed by a small portico with columns, surmounted by a sea horse, inside which there is a statue representing the god of the seas.

On a small artificial hill, there is the oracle Sibyl’s cave, guarded by statues depicting two owls and a dog.
Beyond the rear exit of the villa, a pagoda-shaped lookout offers a magnificent view of the entire garden. Several water games and animated scenes reveal the joyful soul of the place devised its very ancient owners: for instance, there’s a monk with arms that can be operated with a special mechanism in the Gothic chapel, and the peculiar gardener’s house – its doors open on command, revealing the image of a woman.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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