Villa Mirabello

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This villa dates back to the XV century and it’s one of the oldest in Milan featuring the true legacy of the noble families who owned over the past centuries.

Once standing in the open countryside, today it is part of an urban area near Porta Nuova. In the XV century, it was the country residence of the Visconti family and in 1468 it became a property of Pigello Portinari, a Florentine banker representing the Medici in Milan. The latter are still portrayed in some paintings inside the Basilica of S. Eustorgio.
The pointed arches to the east, the portico and the capitals date back to that very period.
Ludovico il Moro, returning from Milan, also stayed in this villa with his 8000-foot soldiers: this really gives the right perception of just how big this place is.

The coats of arms of the Landrianis and the Sforzas, the owners of the villa in 1500, are still hanging over the large fireplace and in the main hall. There is also the Landrianis’ motto – “Semper el dover” between blue crosses and pomegranates.

The villa was later exclusively used for agriculture until the XIX century. Luca Beltrami, one of the main architects of the renovation of ancient Milan, eventually rediscovered this most beautiful property. Among the most ancient features, visitors can still admire the church dedicated to Mater Amabilis with paintings from the XV century, and a painting with a lady and a musician.
Luca Beltrami had even a “bagaj eater” – the Viscount dragon – built as a copy of the original emblem found in the Castle of Vigevano.

The garden of this villa occupies about half of the whole estate (some 1.2 acres) and features 41 different plant species like roses, peonies, rosemary, lemons, limes and acacias that in spring flood the whole place with mesmerizing colors and fragrances.

In Winter, visitors can admire the large orange tree against the fence wall. There are also olive trees, magnolias, persimmons, cedars, palms, and many other interesting plants. It’s worth mentioning the beautiful pergola as well, reminiscent of the backgrounds of Renaissance paintings.
Another small garden is located inside the residential complex, similar to a typical medieval “Hortus conclusus”.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Villa Mirabello - 20125 Milano(MI)

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