Villa Rosales Pallavicini Brambilla

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This is one of the oldest palaces in Cassano d’Adda, in the province of Milan. It was built by Don Matteo Rosales, marquis of Castellone, in the second half of the XVII century. Between 1770 and 1790, it was transformed into a noble residence for leisure by the nobleman Giuseppe Pezzoli from Milan. In 1821, it became a property of the Brambilla family.

It is an imposing building, located in the centre of the town, with three floors with a linear and symmetrical plan. The façade stretches for about 164 ft. The main façade, overlooking the Muzza canal, is the most interesting part of the building and features Rococo decorations and motifs, with eye-catching chiaroscuro effects.

Some splendid pictorial works by the Galliari brothers can be found inside: at that time, those two artists created remarkable scenographic effects using architectural embellishments with fake columns and wide use of the shell motif, typical rocaille decorations.
The lounge, on the first floor, features exquisite canvases with floral motifs, shells, ribbons and leaves; the two sides of the room are also embellished with two large framed seascapes.
The palace layout is quite dynamic, but mostly features a symmetrical structure perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape – also thanks to the garden, built in front of the main facade.


The park is one of the most important elements and is divided into four terraces within high containment walls with balustrades. A monumental staircase leads to the lower part of the garden which, featuring a typical “Italian” design, features a central circular fountain surrounded by marble statues.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Verdi 13/17 - Cassano d'Adda(MI)

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