Villa Rota Badoglio

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The estate of Villa Rota Badoglio is set in an area between the Stella River, the Cusana Canal, and the via Stella main route. According to some interpretations, at the beginning of the XIX century, the Codroipo family transformed the ancient wood adjacent to the villa into a garden made of six islands. These changes, however, were never officially recorded by the French nor the Austrian land registers.

The park

The current layout of the park may date back to the XX century. During the post-war period, some decoration adjustments and watering system reconfigurations were made. Some earth was re-arranged as well, to make a series of artificial lakes, mounds, slopes, and streams. Once blended with the English style lawn and the very size of the park, those modifications made the whole estate look like a pretty intriguing re-interpretation of a typical floodplain.

The vegetation is typical of lowland woods, including English oaks (Quercus robur) and white hornbeams (Carpinus betulus), along with some ornamental species introduced over the years such as plane trees, yews, magnolias, and holm oaks.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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