Villa Subaglio

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Built in the early 1700s, Villa Subaglio is a splendid residence located in the heart of Brianza, just a few minutes from Milan. It was built on the Subaglio hill, named after the ancient Subaglio family, famous until the Middle Ages, but disappeared before 1700.

According to some official records of 1721, the villa and park used to be a property of the Marquis Giovanni Rescalli, who in 1773 sold it to his son Paolo. In the mid-1800s, the property passed from the Rescalli family to other owners, until February 1883, when it was purchased by two brothers: Emanuele and Giovanni Prinett.

Over the centuries, Il Subuglio has hosted famous characters, such as the Archduke of Austria Carlo Francesco with his wife Sofia, in 1825, then the Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany, and the Duke of Modena Francesco d’Este. After the unification of Italy, some members of the royal House of Savoy were guests of the Villa as well.

Harmonious and elegant, the villa with its five large halls, is currently used for receptions, private functions, and corporate meetings.

A vast English park surrounds it, crossed by a long tree-lined avenue; in front of the villa, there is a beautiful terraced Italian garden with a large boxwood parterre, and ancient stone statues, which overlooks the lower terraces through a baroque balustrade.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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