Vivaio Ruoppo

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Francesco, Claudio Ruoppo’s great-grandfather, took care of the garden of the counts of Correale (now it is a museum). When they died, he started a small business in the gardening field. Luigi, his son, enlarged the enterprise and started offering flowers and getting passionate about the cures required by citrus trees of Sorrento. Pia’s father, Claudio, made the family business successful creating a real nursery where plants, flowers, topsoil and vases were sold behind the museum of Correale. Claudio Ruoppo became in a short time also the most requested florist and his nursery is now open to the city. It is possible to find here garden, balcony, ornamental, flowering and indoor plants.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Bernardino Rota, 2 - 80067 Sorrento(NA)

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