Vivaio Tropico del Conero

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This nursery is located on the southern slopes of Mount Conero, in Coppo, near Sirolo, in the province of Ancona. Owned by Mirco Bagaloni, it is specialized in the production of Mediterranean and subtropical plants for cool Mediterranean climates, with large collections of subtropical palms, aloes, agaves and other Agavaceae, subtropical trees, and flowering shrubs.

Sheltered from the cold Bora winds from the mountain and the salty gales from the hill above, it offers an ideal microclimate for the variegated and luxuriant Mediterranean scrub in the area; local flora includes holm oaks, strawberry trees, mastic trees, and many other species.
For some of those trees, this is the furthermost available environment still sheltered from the northern cold mist.

The area reserved for pot cultivation is about 2.152 square yard wide, a quarter of which is protected inside cold greenhouses. The nursery has no such heated facilities, as plants that require high temperatures are quickly abandoned.
Fertilizers and fungicides are not used, nor needed, as many exotic plants are generally immune to parasites and various diseases.

This nursery produces about 70% of its own plants.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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