Vivaio Vita Verde

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The nursery Vita Verde, of Valerio Gallerati, was created in 1997 to produce young forestall plants in vases.

Little by little, the classic and plain vases have been substituted with technical containers of higher quality. Because of this, anti-spiraling vases and cavities have been adopted since they favour the development of a correct root system with a dense capillarisation by taking advantage of aerial pruning.

The characteristic element of this reality is the assortment of the production, which  is not limited to the usual reforestation species, since it tries to find the rarer and less known species, the endemic and minor ones, which have been found and reproduced.

The business produces woody rare plants, native-, Mediterranean-, rare seed plants, wild fruits, ancient and young varieties of reforestation plants.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via I Maggio, 28 - Galliera(BO)

348 9100985

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