VivAlpi Nursery

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An unbridled passion for alpine plants has led Marco Picca Piccon, a professional chef extremely fond of the mountains, to open VivAlpi nursery, at 2.624 ft above sea level, between – in Lanzo and Canavese valleys (about 25 miles from Turin).

This nursery is, therefore, specialized in the cultivation and the reproduction of mountain flora, featuring remarkable collections of the following genera: Gentiana, Helleborus, Corydalis, Pulsatilla, Astrantia, Aconitum, Ranunculus, Saxifraga, and several others.

Thanks to the collaboration with some botanical gardens, associations and foreign nurseries, VivAlpi has now collected more than 1.000 species from mountain environments all over the world, such as the Rocky Mountains, the New Zealand Range, Patagonia, and the Asian valleys – all those species have been successfully in the local cultivation and reproduction.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Frazione Cudine - Corio (TO) - 10070 Corio(TO)

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