White Beans of Rotonda DOP

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The white beans of Rotonda DOP are produced in the four municipalities of Valle del Mercure (Rotonda, Viaggianello, Castelluccio Superiore, Castelluccio Inferiore), and are so related to Basilicata’s history, that Giuseppe Garibaldi nominated them is work “Regno delle due Sicilie”.

Their ideal environment has an altitude below 600 meters, temperatures around 30°C (necessary for a good content of simple sugars), much water (for a good accumulation of starch) and poor in limestone soil (for a high content of proteins). These conditions are typical of Valle del Mercure, where the weather is mild and the rainfalls are abundant in October and March. They are sown within the first half of June and are harvested by hand between August and October.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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