Arborea Farm

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Arborea Farm is a nursery specialized in the production of water lilies, lotus flowers, aquatic plants, marsh and wet soil plants. In particular, it features a collection of more than 650 varieties of plants suitable for the wet eco-system, ranging from miniature ponds (like small balcony tubs) to products suitable for lakes, rare plants, new hybrids, and hard-to-find native species – everything is grown as much as possible with eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques.

The founders of the nursery are the young Christian Piccaluga and Mauro Pizzolato: Christian has always been fascinated by the world of plants; it was true love at first sight for aquatic species when he was twenty. Mauro, who has always been passionate about those very plants as well, has passionately worked on three large ponds and the nursery garden, constantly improving them.

Arborea Farm products are also available online and at dedicated tradeshows.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Piave 96A - 31036 Istrana(TV)


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