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Argiolas winery can be found in Seridania, Cagliari hinterland, and it has developed its vineyards along the slopes of the hills arranged like an amphitheatre around the city and the gulf.
The vineyards are thus wondrously blessed by a most evocative landscape, which also features many little medieval churches in the very heart of minor settlements of farmers and local workers.

Due to its particular morphology, this is the ideal place for growing grapes: steep slopes, a lot of wind and sunlight, as well as the close proximity to the sea create the perfect microclimate with minor thermal changes and constant humidity.

Some of the greatest Sardinian grapes are cultivated right here, such as the world-acclaimed Cannonau, Vermentino, and Carignano, as well as lesser-known Monica, Bovale, Nasco, Girò, and Nuragus.

State-of-the-art techniques allow Argiolas winery to thoroughly respect the beautiful environment where sustainable farming is absolutely paramount.

For instance, there’s currently a major project about biodiversity underway: namely, the selection and conservation of Sardinian native vines grown in particular vineyards, constantly verifying their agronomic and enological value. To date, about 5.000 plants from 499 originating ones are growing in those particular vineyards.

A further contribution to biodiversity safeguard is given by the twenty-year-old practice of “integrated agriculture”, which features special techniques for the conservation and thorough respect for the environment: crop rotation with traditional and state-of-the-art techniques goes hand-in-hand with very limited use of machines, chemical products, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides – alternative and more natural methods of fighting plant diseases have always been preferred. Last but not least, soil fertility is guaranteed by avoiding the removal of large quantities of plant material and by practising crop rotation in order not reduce the amount nourishment for the plants. All these practices, associated with a wise management of the territory, prevent those very erosion phenomena frequent in bare soils with little or absent vegetation.

As for water-saving, Argiolas winery has implemented rationalized techniques to improve the quality and its wine production. With the help of a conventional weather station, a micro-meteorological one, and three monitoring facility for the percentage of water in the soil, some vital date is constantly processed in order to guarantee the same degree of irrigation efficiency, while saving a good 30% of water.

On the other hand, energy-saving is guaranteed by solar panels that provide 50% of the company’s needs.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Roma, 28/30 - Serdiana(CA)

070 740606

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